59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They're Trying to Tell Us Why

An interesting perspective on why Millenials do not feel comfortable with church. This opinion piece is written by an American from an evangelical perspective.

Repost: "The growing parish: Expanding your music ministry along with your community"

Oregon Catholic Press offers suggestions for introducing new music in the Sunday liturgy as a way of helping parish communities grow! These are great tips for introducing music that is welcoming to young people and new and established parishioners.


Document Written by Young People at the Pre-Synod Meeting in March 2018

Over 300 young people representing countries from around the world, gathered in Rome in March to discuss the upcoming Synod of Bishops "Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment". Australia's representative, Angela Markas, addressed the meeting on the first day. The young representatives provided insight into the lives of young people across the globe, their challenges and hopes for the world. They also provided recommendations for the Synod of Bishops in October. 

The representatives also produced a document (which included the input of over 15,000 young people on Facebook). Click here to read the document. 

"Going, Going, Gone" New Research from the US on Why Young People Disaffiliate with the Catholic Church.

"Going, Going, Gone" New Research from the US on Why Young People Disaffiliate with the Catholic Church.

Last month new research about why young people are leaving the Church was released in the US. One of the co-authors of the report "Going, Going, Gone", John Vitek, was in Australia and presented the research at the Australian Catholic Youth and Youth Ministry Research Seminar. While the research was focused on American youth, there are many similarities with the Australian Church. 

Introducing New Horizons

Introducing New Horizons

Last month we kicked off the Year of Youth in the Archdiocese of Adelaide. We didn't do it with a gigantic youth festival, concert or rally. Instead, we gathered leaders from the Catholic Church in parishes, school, communities, agencies and other sectors to learn about the Year of Youth and the realities facing young people in South Australia. The 135 participants in attendance reflected on what they heard, conversed, and began taking steps to make responsive plans in their own contexts.