COYYA's Mission Statement

The Archdiocese of Adelaide seeks to create a Church where young people experience an inclusive community which:

·         Listens and enters into dialogue

·         Values and embraces diversity

·         Empowers and forms them in their humanity, faith and leadership 

We are committed to offering opportunities for and with young people to participate in the life, faith and mission of the Church.

Keeping our mission in mind, we though about how best to represent our office, the work we do and who we continue to support.

The logo was designed in the shape of a circle to best embody the Earth we live in and the connection to each other and God as a whole.

Catholic Office Logo.jpg



Lines and Circles: The lines and circles intentionally range in size to individually represent the youth and how different each young person we work with is. The logo depicts the busyness, connectedness and dynamics of the life of a young person along with appreciating the array of characters, personalities, abilities and experiences they all bring to our work and the Archdiocese of Adelaide.


Colours: The colours; bright, vibrant and splashed throughout the logo allows us to recognise the bold and significant impact youth have on the world we live in and the work we do. The colours confidently exemplify young people’s abilities to be courageous amongst a crowd and remain passionate and bright in the work they continue to engage themselves in.


Crucifix: We represent God in our logo with a bold crucifix. This acknowledges that God is always and continually present, even amongst the busyness of our lives. We wish to acknowledge that we do not define God to a cross, however use this sacred symbol as a representation of His presence in our lives. Through the work the Catholic Office for Youth and Young Adults do, we also recognise the importance of understanding that God is amongst us in all things. The crucifix is to formally acknowledge us as Catholic and recognise that our work is representative of the life and mission of the Church and the Archdiocese of Adelaide.